The Branch held a Skittles Evening on the 3rd February at the Crofton, an enjoyable evening was had by all. To keep interest going during each go Charlie had quiz sheets printed out, some were saying how quiet it was, the only sound to be heard came from tired brains working overtime. Jim had grouped teams under squadron numbers to keep the theme of Fleet Air Arm alive. There was fierce competition among the participants particularly the battle to avoid the lowest score, saddly someone has to win erm loose and this fell to Kate for the Ladies and Brian for the gents. Unfortunately for Brian he was just pipped into last place by the judicous bowling of Paul, our Chairman, who managed to knock down fewer skittles. For his generosity in letting Brian come last Paul was awarded a Curley Wurely. Both loosers were rewarded with a small bottle of wine.

Team Prize

The winning team, after adding up all the scores, was awarded to 892. Each team member had as a prize a bottle of wine. The loosing team 849 was captained by our Chairman; who else.

Individual Awards

The prize for the highest score by a lady was awarded to Elizabeth and for the highest score for the gents went to Jan B who was also given the prestigious Skittles Trophy.